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Close up of a sprinkler head we are testing as part of our irrigation services.

Irrigation Services in Salt Lake, Davis, Utah, & Weber Counties

We design and install state-of-the-art irrigation systems so that your yard gets the proper amount of water to sustain optimal plant growth.

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Irrigation services offered in Salt Lake City, Draper, UT and the surrounding areas.

Our complete irrigation services include system design, installation, repairs, maintenance, and more.

We provide complete irrigation services for commercial and residential properties throughout the area. Our technicians complete design, installation, maintenance, repairs, and more.

Our crews service Salt Lake City, Draper, South Jordan, and the nearby Utah areas.

Our client's irrigation system that we are testing for proper watering of the lawn in Draper..

We Design & Install Sprinkler Systems for Maximum Coverage & Water Conservation

It’s important to hire professionals for the design and installation of your irrigation system. With experience and expertise, our crew is able to fine tune sprinklers for adequate coverage of designated zones throughout the property. Proper zone usage will ensure that the exact amount of water will reach your lawn and landscapes.

Too much water is just as dangerous as not enough, so our systems are designed with maximum efficiency and precision.

We Maintain & Repair Irrigation Systems, Including Broken Sprinkler Heads, Leaking Pipes, & More

Like all automated devices, your irrigation system will require occasional maintenance and repairs. Sprinkler heads can be trampled upon and broken, pipes can begin to leak, and timers can malfunction.

A trained technician is able to root out the problem without making a mess of your yard and provide the needed services on the spot. It’s important that you contact us immediately after identifying a malfunction in order to avoid water waste or damage to your lawn or landscapes.

Runoff from leaking sprinklers and broken pipes can devastate yards and encourage the growth of damaging fungi, so it’s critical that you take action as soon as possible.

Startups & Winterization Kickstart Irrigation Systems for the Season & Prevent Damage During Cold Weather

Close up of irrigation controls that our team is checking during a seasonal check in South Jordan.Photo courtesy of Hunter Industries Incorporated

Your irrigation and sprinkler system will need some tending to once the growing season is upon us. Lines will need to be filled and sprinkler heads checked. Our startup and winterization process includes:

  • Startup - The water is turned on and pipes are checked for leaks. Sprinkler heads are inspected and tested for coverage. Timers are examined to guarantee functionality.
  • Winterization - Water will be turned off. Pipes will be blown clear to prevent freezing. The entire system will be powered down and disconnected.

Our Seasonal Checks & Adjustment Service Provides a Monthly Irrigation Check-up

Many problems can be prevented if they are caught early. Our team performs what we call our seasonal checks and adjustment service, which includes a monthly visit to inspect the entire system. While on the property, our technician will test the system, inspect sprinkler heads, and ensure adequate water pressure is being maintained. The service is a useful way to avoid major headaches and downtime.

We install high-quality Hunter and Rainbird irrigation systems.

Over the years, we’ve learned which systems perform the best and provide the longest lifespan. That’s why we rely on Hunter and Rainbird products for all of our clients. They function at high levels and reduce water waste while offering excellent value. We're also certified installation contractors for both Hunter and Rainbird.

Your lawn’s health is like our business card, so we want nothing but the best results for our customers.

Call today and we will handle all of your watering needs.

Call (801) 261-1733 today for comprehensive irrigation service for commercial and residential properties in Salt Lake City, Draper, South Jordan, and the surrounding areas of Salt Lake, Davis, Utah, and Weber Counties.

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