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Healthy plants at a commercial property located in Lehigh that we fertilize and treat for weeds on a regular basis.

Lawn Care & Plant Health Services in Salt Lake, Davis, Utah, & Weber Counties

Our lawn care services are designed to keep your lawn and landscape plants healthy in order to fend off diseases and insect infestations.

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Complete lawn care services offered in Salt Lake City, UT and the surrounding areas.

Our lawn care service package gives your Utah lawn everything it needs to thrive, including weed control, fertilization, lawn disease control, and more.

Our lawn care service packages include fertilization, weed control, lawn disease treatment, and more. Great lawns are built from the ground up with proactive care from our professionals.

Our service area includes Salt Lake City, Draper, South Jordan, and the nearby Utah communities.

A healthy green lawn at a home located in Draper that participates in our lawn care program.

Lawn Fertilization Service Typically Includes 4-5 Treatments Between Spring & Fall

Our lawn fertilization treatments are usually delivered in 4-5 treatments, spanning from spring to fall. We offer a variety of useful fertilizer packages to customers. Packages are tailored to the property's needs. Contact a manager for more information.

Most fertilizer is made up of three important macronutrients: phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium, each with its own purpose. We will custom mix each treatment based upon the needs of the property, types of plants, and the growing conditions to ensure healthy growth.

Fertilizing lawns is important because it not only helps the grass grow full and green, but it also aids in the resistance of pests and lawn disease.

We also provide shrub and tree fertilization using a granular product spread around the drip line. Our treatments ensure the plant is well fed with a greater chance of blooming or producing fruit.

A well-fed lawn stands a better chance of pushing weeds out and fighting fungus and blight.

Our Weed Control Treatments Target Many Common Broadleafs, Including Dandelion, Spurge, Crabgrass, & More

Dandelions taking over a clients lawn in Salt Lake City, UT.

If left untreated, weeds will hog valuable real estate in your lawn and landscape beds. Their roots extend out beneath the grass and absorb nutrients that are meant for your lawn. It’s important to apply pre- and post-emergent treatments at the right time to fend off the invasion.

Our crew provides safe and effective products to help prevent germination and to pull up or treat weeds that manage to sprout. The result is a fuller, greener lawn with better growth in your beds.

We provide weed control for the following weeds:

  • Dandelion
  • Spurge
  • Crabgrass
  • Morning glory
  • Clover
  • Broadleaf
  • And more!

We Treat Lawn Disease, Fungus, & Grubs to Prevent Lawn Devastation & Death

Grass overtaken by disease at a clients home located in South Jordan.

It takes a trained eye to spot the emerging signs of plant disease. Our trained and experienced staff are well-versed in identifying problems before they get out of hand. One of the most common plant fungi we treat is called necrotic ring, which starts as a soil-borne fungus that causes dead spots in the shape of a ring.

Our crew provides fungicide treatments and can remove branches and limbs that show the signs of disease before spreading occurs.

Another common issue in our part of Utah is insect/grub infestations. We are equipped to provide effective preventative treatments, which occur in mid-to-late June. We will return to the property for a follow-up post-treatment to ensure the problem is gone.

We also service shrubs and small trees for insects and plant disease. Common insects we treat for in our region include spider mites, scale, aphids, and bores.

We Provide Aeration, Overseeding, & Sod Installation & Repair

We start from the ground up for the most beautiful lawns in the area. For soil that is in need of a refresher, we offer aeration services followed by overseeding. Our aeration service is considered an add-on service, and when paired with overseeding, can revitalize a yard back to the green, fullness you desire. Our team will also gladly repair damaged areas of sod or provide complete installations when requested. Our sod usually comes in rolls or square sections.

Let us bring out the best in your lawn and landscaping!

Call (801) 261-1733 today for complete lawn care services in Salt Lake City, Draper, South Jordan, and the surrounding areas in Davis, Salt Lake, Weber, and Utah Counties.

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