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Fall Landscape Maintenance Check List

Fall Landscape Maintenance Check List

It's hard to believe that winter is right around the corner.  We have enjoyed a great season and hope you have also.  Before the snow begins to fall, we wanted to take an opportunity to remind you of the important fall landscape maintenance chores that should be done in order to have a healthy yard in the spring.

  • Lawn Mowing  -  It is recommended to have your lawn short for the fall and winter months.  This will prevent a buildup of dead grass in the spring that may smother new growth. Our lawn mowing routes will continue until the end of October weather permitting and we will lower our blades to make sure it is cut properly.  Feel free to contact us about your service.
  • Sprinkler System Winterization -  By shutting down the water supply and filling the pipes with pressurized air you are able to blow out all remaining water.  This will help prevent pipes from breaking due to the water freezing in them.  To get on the winterization service route please contact us soon, we will be going out for one week only beginning October 19th until October 23rd.
  • Leaf Clearing & Removal – Fall is one of the times when the cool season Utah grasses will revitalize themselves if given sufficient sunlight, nutrients, and water.  A thick and/or matted layer of fallen leaves will cast excessive shade over the grass below and deprives the grass of sunlight.  Lawns also need to breathe during the winter and fall leaves...
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